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Dec 7, 2013 8:45pm EST
consumption in conjunction with capitalism and technology from the middle ages through the renaissance, so the 17th century dutch republic and the industrial revolution. this forminged a ideology and related practices that dominate western modernity and increasingly through globalization, the world. given the destructive fruitlessness of conflicts in at the reformation era, catholics and president president tess pros stands decided to go shopping instead of continuing to fight about religion. that's what we're still doing in combination with the exercise of power by hegemonic liberal said states, sim bio sis of consumerism is today more than anything else the cultural glue that holds together the hyper pluralism. the final chapter, secularizing knowledge, analyzes the relationship among different sorts of knowledge, together with the site of where new knowledge has been transmitted from the middle ages to the present. the confessionallization of universities in the reformation era, included a privileging of theology that insulated the logans from new knowledge. the pursuit
Dec 2, 2013 7:00am EST
getting that hardshell window with the collusion. that technology was invented right before world war ii, and the military liked it so much they conscripted this football helmet essentially for military use. and, in fact, i was a marine for many years and i wore that web suspension helmet into the 21st century. football got rid of that technology in the 1970s. and as twisted as it sounds, we equip our football players better in a country than we do our soldiers and marines. coaching got better. heads up tackling. coaches not, you know, no longer sing put you between the numbers and that kind of thing. all of these things combined to bring football from the point where they had 36 deaths from galatians in 1968, to last season where there were two deaths from galatians. again got dramatically safer. and at the time we should've been giving football a pat on the back, where getting a kick below the belt. to put this in perspective, there were no kids that died last year from a football hit. more kids died getting struck by lightning than playing football last season and getting struck by ot
Dec 8, 2013 8:45am EST
to have to invest in new technology? so every time you can rent you will find there are plenty of prison guards around. the key is for us to develop a more and more exciting future and gradually -- nobody voluntarily set to mcdonald's and wal-mart we'd like to go out of business. they just had to in the fight for customers. >> eight clothing designer from huntington beach. >> thank you so much for being here. my question for you is, as millions of americans continued to lose their health care coverage because of obamacare, what do you foresee the ramifications of that being? >> i suspect -- it's a great question that i suspect there will be a very bold attempt sometime next spring to fundamentally start dismantling of obamacare, and about half the democrats will be involved in the dismantling. i don't think -- when people realized by the way that the number who may get letters next october is 93 million. so you see the amount of pain out of 5 million. well, the best estimate we have right now from the government itself is 93 million. if you're a democrat up for reelection and you
Dec 8, 2013 8:00am EST
gingrich argues that we're at the dawn of an age of great breakthroughs in technology, medicine, transportation and other fields, but he warns that this new age may not be reached if we allow the government and other gatekeepers to get in the way. this is about an hour and ten minutes. >> well, one thing i'll give sandy is he knows how to have an entrance. calista and i both want to apologize because we were on an airplane which was going to land with plenty of time and then learned this morning that the airplane wasn't going to leave. [laughter] and i do want to say a brief commercial for more than airlines, it was not their airplane, but they happened to have a plane instead of flying direct from washington, they had a plane through dallas, and they went overboard to get us here, make the connections. we had a barely-legal connection in dallas -- [laughter] and they did everything they could to be really helpful. in fact, our luggage didn't make the connection, so it's on the way here now many. and then we had a few more complicationings. so we apologize for running late, and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4